Turn-key projects for civil infrastructures, housing, commercial and industrial use. The Precast industry is the main focus of Schiaslo-Spil’s program, with a wide range of forming machines and automated processing lines specifically designed for concrete and brick-based beams and lintels, panels, tunnel segments, poles, blocks and various customized elements, including insulated floors, reconstructed stones and sandwich walls. Schiaslo-Spil’s mission is to tailor automatic systems for the industrialized manufacturing of concrete products and masonry



Advanced carousel system

It is designed and well-tested to industrially produce cement slabs, tilt-up double-slabs and san...
Production line for concrete blocks

Production line for concrete blocks, foundation stones, palisade blocks, curbstones, paving stone...
Production line for reconstructed stones

Innovative production line for decorative stones, designed to meet the needs of the manufacture. ...
Production line for lattice girder concrete beams and lintels

Casting machine for concrete beams. Compact machinery to produce concrete lattice girder beams an...
Production system for prestressed bricks-concrete beams and lintels

Highly automated system to produce prestressed lintels in brick-cement. The system is so well des...
Production line for bricks-concrete beams and lintels

Compact machinery to produce
brick-cement lintels and brick-cement lattice girder beams.
Tecnologies for tunneling

Schiaslo Spil delivers proven engineered concrete equipment and plant technologies for the most c...
Conveyng system
Concrete conveying, distributing and dosing

Schiaslo-Spil delivers proven engineered conveying, distributing and dosing systems for the concr...
Packaging efficency system

Tailor made packaging system for the concrete precast industry. Designed and realized according t...