Carrousel system for precast concrete wall panels and floors.


It is designed and well-tested to industrially produce cement slabs, tilt-up double-slabs and sandwich/solid concrete panels. Highly automated system to produce structural precast and curtain, with standardized format, having a modest size, according to the dimension of the steel pallets.



1. Tilting system

2. Cleaning and oiling

3. Robot for steel shutters application

4. Steel reinforcement application

5. Concrete dosing and vibration

6. Side shifting cart

7. Curing chamber

8. Shutters demolding and finishing station

Tipical production


Tipical production The types of producible precast elements comprises:

  • the solid panel, consisting of a solid concrete casting, with 12 cm thickness
  • the slab, consisting of a concrete plate, max. 6 cm thickness, reinforced with girder lattices up to 20 cm high
  • the double-slab, consisting of a pair of concrete plates, reinforced with girder lattices up to 20 cm high.

Furthermore, the system is already set up for the production of sandwich panels. The Sandwich Panel consists of three layers, with a final thickness of 20 cm.

  • The first layer consists of a 6 cm thick concrete casting
  • onto which is placed an 8 cm layer of light material (polystyrene)
  • onto which is placed a second 6 cm thick concrete layer. Two reinforcement stages and two casting stages are provided for each formwork to produce Sandwich Panels.

The carousel system consists of a flat circuit for steel pallets (formworks). Each formwork has overall dimensions of 4 m x 12.5 m, and has a work surface consisting of a single flat metal plate, on which side boards and shuttering are freely laid, up to 20 cm high. We propose a plant with 48 forms, 40 of which are housed in the store, which consists of 4 towers with 10 levels.