Highly automated system to produce prestressed lintels in brick-cement.


The system is so well designed it is able to turn out daily: all six prestressing benches, working with a single 3-men team in one 8-hour shift.


1. Palletizing system

2. Saws Elephant pulling system

3. Unloading roller bench

4. Strands coils holder

5. Casting beds

6. Bricks pliers

7. Concrete dosing system

The system is designed to produce prestressed lintels at industrial level, specifically prestressed brick-cement lintels.

These items feature a reinforced concrete core, embedded into a brick shell. The brick shell consists of a well-aligned set of equal modules, up to 50cm long, in bricks, called “rafter shaping blocks” or “bottom bases”. Brick-cement items have their own specific features.

In general:

  • they improve the structure's soundproofing and thermal insulation
  • they improve the structure's breathability
  • they improve aesthetics in “exposed brickwork”.


  • it is correct to match normal brickwork items (interposed filler blocks, hollow bricks) with these specific structural brick-cement items: both have the same hygroscopic behaviour and this prevents dark spots that appear on the plaster in correspondence to all-concrete items due to moisture changes
  • it is required to prevent reinforcements from coming in contact with the brick shell: in full compliance with standard EN15037, which requires minimum concrete enclosure around reinforcements to protect them from oxidation.