Production line for concrete blocks


Production line for concrete blocks, foundation stones, palisade blocks, curbstones, paving stones and shallow channels, designed to meet the needs of the manufacture.



1. Block machine

2. Stacker

3. De-stacker

4. Palletizer

5. Motorized roller conveyor

6. Palletizer support structure

7. Block machine extractor.

8. “Dry” robot

9. “Wet” robot

10. Board cleaning system

11. Tipper

Blocrete represent
the “state of art”
in concrete vibropressing technology.

More than 50 years’ experience in concrete forming, compacting, curing, packing and palletizing offer the most efficient and reliable industrialized production system.

Schiaslo-Spil provides both standard and customized solutions that can be adapted to a wide range of products like concrete block , foundation stone, palisade block, curbstone, insulated concrete block, paving stone and shallow channel.

Blocrete can be supplied in manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic version. An extensive range customization is available to expand performance and configuration:

  • Robotic palletizing system
  • Robotized storage
  • Integrated batching and mixing plant
  • Color pigment dosing system
  • Splitting, washing, blasting, rumbling, grinding, polishing and curling systems



High-tech self-propelled block machine (egg-layers) which produces blocks with the most efficient, practical and economical method in the industry. With its moving production system there is no need for pallets for block production. Although the machine is operated by one operator, it achieves a very high capacity. The Blocrete Moby is the ideal solution for the entrepreneurs in the concrete industry.

Schiaslo-Spil offer both manual and automatic versions with several options to allow the production of a large range of different products like for instance blocks, foundation stone, palisade block, curbstone, paving stone and shallow channel.

Main specifics: Output capacity from 500 to 1200 standard blocks per hour Products height from 100 to 250 mm Cycles per hour from 120 to 160 Standard or customized molds in special wear resistant steel